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Angular contact ball bearing

The inner and outer raceways of angular contact ball bearings have relative displacement in the bearing axis direction. This means that the bearing ring is designed to carry combined loads, that is, radial load and axial load. The axial bearing capacity of the angular contact ball bearing increases with the increase of contact angle. On the radial plane, the connection between the contact point of the ball and the raceway (that is, the direction of the combined load transferred from one raceway to another) and the angle between the vertical line of the bearing axis.

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Single row angular contact ball bearing

Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear axial loads in one direction. This type of bearing is usually adjusted relative to the second bearing. Their bearing rings have an upper shoulder and a lower shoulder, and are not separable. Bearing characteristics: lower shoulder allowance.

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Double row angular contact ball bearing

The design of double row angular contact ball bearings corresponds to two single row angular contact ball bearings arranged back-to-back. Bearing characteristics: two single row angular contact ball bearings which can be arranged back-to-back, occupy too many axial space applications. They can bear radial and radial direction in any direction.

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Four point contact ball bearing

The four point contact ball bearing is a radial single row angular contact ball bearing, and its raceway is used to support the axial load acting on two directions. For a given axial load, a limited radial load can also be supported. The bearing is a separate design, that is, rolling ball and holding.

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