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 Angular contact thrust ball bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Angular contact thrust ball bearing

Angular contact thrust ball bearings are separable, that is, washers, steel balls and cage assemblies can be installed separately. Although these bearings were originally designed to support rotary tables for drilling rigs, they are also suitable for other applications.

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Ultra precision bidirectional angular contact thrust ball bearing

Two way thrust angular contact ball bearings are designed for bi directional positioning of spindle. These bearings are combined with NN 30 K or N 10 K series cylindrical roller bearings installed in the same bearing seat hole. This bearing assembly can simplify the processing of bearing seat holes.

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Unidirectional angular contact thrust ball bearing

The unidirectional bearing can be designed to carry only one axial load, so the bearing is adjusted relative to the second bearings or installed as bearing group. The bearing standard can be matched arbitrarily, and the bearing group can be made up of four bearings according to various configurations.

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