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 Solid oil bearing - Shanghai Jupeng Bearing Co., Ltd

Solid oil bearing

Solid oil bearings are designed for applications that are highly wetted in practice and occasionally exposed to water and other contaminants. The bearings with solid oil are lubricated for life and cannot be supplemented. Solid oil is oil saturated polymer material. After injected into the bearing, it will form a very narrow gap around the rolling element, cage and raceway, so that the bearing can rotate freely. It has porous structure and millions of micro holes in it. The lubricating oil can be retained in the main body by surface tension. The grease fills all the free space in the bearing and releases the lubricating oil during operation To narrow clearance, provide effective small amount of lubrication.

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Solid oil bearing

Long service life and increased operating temperature push the oil to the surface of the polymer material, thus supporting a constant lubricant supply. Any polymer in the lubricant will stop running when too much oil is sucked in. The extended service life of bearing has been fixed