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Coated bearing

The coating is a kind of wear-resistant carbon coating, which can be processed on the rolling element and inner ring raceway of bearing or only on the rolling element. It uses the physical vapor precipitation process to process the wear-resistant carbon coating on the surface of the bearing. The coating thickness ranges from 1 to 3 μ m, depending on the bearing size. The hardness of the coating is 1 200 hv10. The toughness of the base material is retained on the surface of the coated bearing. The friction performance and wear resistance of the coating are improved while the hardness is retained. During the running in period, the micro coating material is transferred to the mating surface. This transfer can reduce friction and increase the resistance to wear and adhesion wear, even for bearings with only coated rolling elements.

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Coated bearing

Long service life can withstand various extreme conditions, there is a higher risk of adhesive wear, lubricating oil film is insufficient, rapidly changing load light load, rapidly changing speed vibration and reciprocating swing