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Corrosion resistant bearing

Corrosion resistant bearing is equipped with various products suitable for different working conditions such as "much water", "weak acid or alkaline", "strong acid or active gas". The special bearing products of "multi water working condition" include stainless steel bearing, hybrid bearing, self-lubricating bearing and anticorrosive coating bearing; the special bearing products of "weak acid or alkaline working condition" include ceramic bearing and ESA bearing; the special bearing products of "strong acid or active gas working condition" include ceramic bearing and waterproof bearing. In addition, there are special series of clean bearings for zero dust generation. Using the technology independently developed, it can work in high temperature environment such as atmosphere and vacuum.

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Stainless steel bearing

Stainless steel bearing is one of the basic types of spaceatm series special bearing for NSK special working condition. It is specially used in high humidity condition with sufficient supply and fast supply.

Self lubricating bearing

Self lubricating bearing is a kind of bearing filled with special solid lubricant, which is specially used in corrosive and dust conditions in the atmosphere.

Hybrid bearing

The bearing is specially used in the vacuum lubrication condition, and is mixed with the solid bearing cage.

Corrosion resistant coated bearing (nickel film)

Corrosion resistant coating bearing is a kind of bearing with nickel coating on both inner and outer rings to enhance corrosion resistance and durability. It is suitable for atmospheric and high temperature corrosion conditions.

Stainless steel Esz bearing with high corrosion resistance and high hardness

Esz bearing has stronger corrosion resistance than martensitic stainless steel bearing. It has the same corrosion resistance as precipitation hardening stainless steel, and its hardness is 30% higher than that of precipitation hardening stainless steel. It is suitable for atmospheric corrosive environment.

Super corrosion resistant, non-magnetic stainless steel ESA bearing

The bearing with "super hardness" and "super hard" is a kind of super hard bearing. It is suitable for corrosive and non-magnetic working conditions in atmosphere and vacuum.

All ceramic bearings (oxide ceramics)

It is suitable for both the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

Super corrosion resistant and waterproof resin bearing

This is a new type of bearing with special fluororesin material used in inner and outer rings and cages. The product can play an advantage in many water, alkaline and strong acid conditions, and is specially used in atmospheric corrosion conditions.