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 Screw bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Screw bearing

A machine tool needs a screw drive to locate a workpiece or machine part quickly, efficiently and accurately. To meet these requirements, both ends of the screw drive can be supported by SKF ultra precision thrust angular contact ball bearings. These bearings can provide high axial stiffness and axial load capacity, and adapt to high speed and fast acceleration, providing very high operation accuracy. Thrust angle contact ball bearings for screw drive are very suitable for screw drive applications, and also suitable for other applications. These applications require safe radial and axial support and require very precise axial guidance.

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Ball screw supporting bearing

Besides the series of sealing rings, it also includes a series of high rigidity and high function special bearings that have enriched the product lineup. Features: 1. high function and special design which meet the requirements of application, achieve high rigidity and long life. 2. adopt high reliability and super dustproof.

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High load drive ball screw supporting bearing

This is a high function design bearing series that meets the design conciseness and reduces the cost. Features: 1. achieve high load capacity and miniaturization. 2. improves reliability and achieves long life compared with standard angular contact ball bearings. 3. ball bearings.

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High performance special bearing with outer ring and installation hole

BSBD series of high performance special bearings with outer ring and installation holes. The standard is a combination of back-to-back (DB), outer ring, two-way thrust angular contact ball bearing with sealing ring and grease filled. The operation is simpler. Characteristics: 1. cause...

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