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Visits: 87 release date: 04 2020, 29
NSK and Bridgestone successfully developed the third generation wireless charging hub motor Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Japan Seiko Co., Tokyo: the legal representative: executive director and chief executive officer Uchiyama Junko (hereinafter referred to as NSK), and the research team led by Fujimoto Hiroshi, associate professor of new graduate school of University of Tokyo, creates Science in the field, hereinafter referred to as Dong The group, Bridgestone, hereinafter referred to as Bridgestone, ROHM, hereinafter referred to as ROHM, Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Toyo electric manufacturing research group, hereinafter referred to as the research group, jointly developed the third generation of direct generation of third generation of wireless charging hub motor running on the Road (hereinafter referred to as IWM), and has successfully carried out the actual vehicle test. The development background of N, the reduction of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions and the realization of a low-carbon society are the goals of all countries in the world, and measures to reduce vehicle emissions are becoming more and more urgent. Against this background, carmakers all over the world are working hard to promote steam.

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Schaeffler introduced the new YRTCX-life turntable bearings and launched three FAG bearing product series Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

In direct drive turntable and rotating shaft products, torque motor, turntable bearing and angle measuring system constitute a complex system, which affects and interacts with heat flow, cogging effect, speed and acceleration, stiffness, friction torque and positioning accuracy. It is very important. In many applications, especially in the turntable operation of milling machines, the goal of users is to pursue high speed, but they do not want to sacrifice rigidity for this purpose. If all three components come from the same supplier and match each other perfectly in the same modular system, it will bring a lot of benefits to customers. To respond to this demand, he has introduced three series of torque motor products, which has a wide range of applications. In addition, Schaeffler integrated 3 FAG bearing product lines and angle measuring system in the bearing for customers to choose. In response to this demand, he used a new plastic cage, a stronger bearing sleeve and new rolling elements to optimize Y.

Visits: 77 release date: 04 2020, 20
Which is more important for precision machining equipment and technology? Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, there are more and more precision machinery factories in the Pearl River Delta. As a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts with 15 years of history, the Shili River electrical and mechanical equipment company has been thinking about how to stand out in the mechanical processing industry. In order to ensure the accuracy of products, we must reduce costs to meet market demand. For the precision machining company, whether the equipment is important or the process is more important, the answer is, of course, the process. Everyone can buy equipment, as long as it spends money, and the process is different. This requires the company's own experience to accumulate. Ten li and the company have always won by advanced technology. The processed products have high accuracy and reduce the cost of customers as much as possible. The price performance of precision processing products determines whether they can maintain their position in the fierce competition. Against this background, precision processing enterprises need to constantly improve the level of design and processing technology, improve product quality and optimize the production of mechanical products. Sheng Sheng...

Visits: 80 release date: 04 2020, 20
Repair case of bearing position wear of filter drum Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

General mechanics + focus on the latest news. For the first time, a major breakthrough in the use of high-end household CNC equipment in the production of core components is in the high-speed rail industry. Shuang Liang energy saving 2019 annual report heat exchanger income of 280 million yuan, reading more Jones. However, there are some defects in the design of drum filter main shaft. For nearly 2 tons of equipment, the thickness of the spindle wall is only 10mm, and the spindle is easily deformed during operation. Therefore, the wear degree of the three filters is different, and the bearing is also frequently replaced, basically maintaining every 2 to 3 months. Because of the particularity of the equipment, it is impossible to solve the traditional process. First, the wear of the bearing position is very large, the depth is 2mm, and it can not be sprayed or brushed. Besides, the wall thickness of the shaft is relatively thin.

Visits: 78 release date: 04 2020, 20
Influence of bolt assembly location on bolt connection performance: Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Bolt connection is widely used in modern machinery industry, especially in pressure vessel industry. Its advantages are reliable connection, easy disassembly and maintenance. The initial pretightening force on the bolt can not only guarantee the sealing performance of the connection [1], but also make the connecting parts do not move relative to [2] under the action of external loads. The common failure modes of bolts include fatigue, shearing and loosening of bolts. The failure of bolts will not only increase the maintenance cost and unnecessary downtime of industrial machines, but also cause serious industrial accidents, [3]. [4]. The good bolt connection performance depends not only on the initial preload force [5G7], the contact surface friction coefficient [8G9] and material [10], but also on the bolt diameter [[11]] and the assembly position between bolt and bolt hole. Many scholars have done a lot of research on bolt assembly. Lawlor and McCarthy. [12G13] has studied the bolt hole clearance to the bolt connection.

Visits: 78 release date: 04 2020, 13
What are the common types of bearings? Shanghai Ju Peng Bearing Co., Ltd.

Bearing is the most widely used field in industry, machinery and other industries. What types of bearings are the main types of bearings in today's social development? Bearing is an important part of mechanical field. In today's society, they are developing and growing. When bearings were first invented, there must be not many. On the contrary, with the continuous development of society and science, the appearance of new things makes the bearings look very effective. It has become more and more abundant and diversified. The bearings can be classified according to the structure: sliding bearings, joint bearings, rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, needle roller bearings, radial ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, flange bearings, bearing bearings, combined bearings, linear bearings, etc. their structures are different. The application of this bearing is also different. The bearing is divided into the above types according to the structure. The reason for the wide variety of bearings is that...

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Reasons for failure of cylindrical roller bearings and treatment methods: Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

According to the forming mechanism of grinding metamorphic layer on FAG bearing working face, the main factors affecting grinding metamorphic layer are grinding heat and grinding force. Let us analyze the reasons for the failure of cylindrical roller bearings. The main reasons for the failure of the cylindrical roller bearing are: the main purpose of the pretension. The main purpose and representative example of the pretightening force can provide some examples to prove and understand: when 1 correctly determines the position of the shaft in the radial and axial directions, it also restraining the 2 runout and improving the rigidity of the FAG bearing. The bearing and differential of the spindle of the machine tool are used for the differential pinion bearings of the cycle. 3 prevents axial vibration and abnormal sound caused by resonance. Bearing of small motor. For cylindrical roller bearings bearing combined loads, the friction resistance increases, the fever increases, the lubrication and cooling conditions become worse, and the force on the cage increases. Therefore, it must be based on FA...

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Main factors affecting bearing life: Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its motion and ensure its rotation accuracy. With the increase of bearing demand, the problem of premature damage and short service life of the bearing has puzzled every mechanical enthusiast. Under certain load, the number of revolutions or hours that the bearing passes before the pitting is called bearing life. The initial fatigue damage of any bearing ring or rolling element of the bearing in this life span should be initiated. But in our daily practice, we can clearly observe that the actual appearance of bearings with the same appearance under the same working conditions is very different. What causes it? The editor summarizes the following points: 1. Incorrect installation is about 16 1. In the process of installation, it is too hard to hit the bearing with a hammer, which is the most harmful to the bearing; it is also the main reason for the deformation. 2. Installation...

Visits: 87 release date: 04 2020, 13
Installation method of printing machine bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

How to install the bearing of printing machine? The pressure should be directly applied to the ends of tightly matched rings, and the pressure should not be passed through the roller body. Usually, the following methods are adopted: when the outer ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the hole of the bearing seat, the bearing can be pressed into the first hole of the bearing seat when the inner ring and the shaft are loosened. At this time, the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. If the bearing rings and shaft are closely matched with the seat holes, the installation of the inner ring and outer ring must be pressed into the shaft and the hole at the same time. The structure of the assembly sleeve should be able to simultaneously press the end face of the bearing inner ring and outer ring. 1. By heating the bearing or bearing box, the thermal expansion is used to convert the tight fit to the loose fitting installation method. This is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is applicable to bearings with larger interference. Before hot assembly, the bearing or detachable bearing ring is put into the tank and heated evenly at 80-100 degrees, and then from the oil.

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SKF standard for judging the cleanliness, maintenance and damage of bearings in Shanghai

Although the SKF Bearing has the characteristics of high performance, it may be damaged as part of the machine, so some correct methods can extend the service life to a certain extent. 1. When the bearing of the SKF Bearing is cleaned to remove the imported bearings for maintenance, first record the appearance of the SKF Bearing, confirm the remaining amount of the lubricant, and clean the bearing after the sampling lubricant is inspected. As a detergents, they usually use gasoline and kerosene. The cleaning of bearing dismantling is divided into coarse cleaning and fine fine cleaning. First, put them in the container, then put the bottom of the wire mesh pad first, so that the SKF Bearing will not directly touch the dirt of the container. In the rough cleaning process, if the bearing rotates along with the dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, so it should be at heart. Remove grease and attachments with brush in crude oil. After general cleaning, please carry out fine cleaning. Fine cleaning is done with clean oil while cleaning carefully.

Visits: 98 release date: 04 2020, 06
The selection of unidirectional bearings and the selection of load for coordination Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

A heavier load will use a larger quantity, and the amount between the ring and the axle or the bearing seat depends on the size of the load. Lighter load and less win will also increase the wear of unidirectional bearings, and maintain the cleanliness of unidirectional bearings and their surroundings. Even if the naked eye can not see the dust, it enters the unidirectional bearing. Vibration and noise. It is not allowed to punch holes. Please use the equipment carefully. It is not allowed to directly strike the unidirectional bearing with hammers, nor to transfer pressure through rolling elements. It is possible to use special tools and use appropriate and accurate installation tools. He tried to avoid using cloth and staple fibers. When unidirectional bearings are directly handled by hand, the unidirectional bearings should be prevented from corrosion. You should wash your hands thoroughly, then apply high quality mineral oil before operation, especially in rainy season and summer season. Pay special attention to rust prevention. The outer ring and seat hole can only be achieved by controlling the tolerance of the journal and the tolerance of the hole.

Visits: 89 release date: 04 2020, 06
Analysis of common faults of printing machine bearings Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

The modern multicolor offset printing machine has an intermediate roll digital printer. The intermediate roll is the communication bridge of ink and wash road. In addition to achieving fast water and ink balance, it also removes floating ink on the water roll. During the printing machine operation, the plate shaped water roller contacts directly with the fish. Inevitably, there will be some floating ink CTP sticking from its surface. These floating ink may deposit on the surface of the water roller, thus affecting the hydrophilicity of the water roller, or may return to the sink with the fountain solution, thus affecting the wettability of each color group. Using this intermediate roll, the floating ink can be transferred to the ink roller of the adjacent printing plate in time, so it is integrated. It has little effect on printing products, and it can also effectively improve production efficiency. Imported bearings of pre press equipment often fail during high speed operation. 1. There is no need to make a fuss, but this is the right way to judge and deal with faults in time.

Visits: 537 release date: 04 2020, 06
What are the uses of linear bearings? How to install linear bearings? Shanghai Ju Peng Bearing Co., Ltd.

Linear bearings are characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance, good interchangeability and low cost. They are widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, which can bring maximum performance into full play and achieve maximum economic benefits of manual labor and automation. What is the use of linear bearings? How about the specification and installation of the linear bearing? Let us understand together. The use of linear bearings has become more and more widely used in electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instruments, robotics, tool machinery, CNC machine tools, automobile and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment and its precision equipment. R or in the special machinery industry. The specifications of linear bearings, linear, and straight bearings, include LM and LME, LIN-11 and LIN-12 and KH. Among them, the LM series is used in Asia and Southeast Asia, the metric diameter is the standard, and the outer diameter tolerance of the straight axis used is usually H7. LME series...

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Check the malfunction of IKO linear bearing without removing Shanghai giant bearing.

What happens if the IKO linear bearing is malfunctioning during its operation? It is certainly a good way to check disassembly, but this method is time-consuming. Below, the editor gives you a small way to identify or predict whether the IKO bearing is in operation without having to disassemble it. 1. Voice recognition by special people or listeners and the identification of bar speakers by voice recognition require rich experience. We must undergo comprehensive training before we can identify IKO bearing and non bearing sound. For this reason, full-time personnel should do this work. The sound of linear bearings can be clearly heard by installing a listening device or sound stick on the shell. 2. By identifying the status of IKO bearing lubricants, first of all, lubricants are sampled and analyzed to determine whether contamination level is mixed with foreign matter or metal powder. This method is especially effective for bearings or large bearings that can not be approached. The...

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The performance of rolling bearings directly affects the overall performance of the machine tool Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Today, the market demand for machine tools supporting efficient production systems is becoming more and more complex. Rolling bearings, hereinafter referred to as bearings, are the revolving parts of machine tools, which can not be ignored. Their performance directly affects the performance of machine tools. The development trend of machine tools, tools and machine tools are changing in several main directions. The first is to increase the use of 5 axis machine tools and compound machine tools. The five axis machining and compound processing machine began to appear in the market in the second half of 1990 and has been widely used in the market. They are characterized by increased grinding, inspection and workpiece handling robot functions. In addition, the trend now is to further increase the number of control axes, which is a more complicated trend. Secondly, the machine tool becomes easier to operate. For example, in the machine tool, the function of thermal displacement is automatically corrected in the machining process; the function of interference between the grinding tool and workpiece is checked; the function of monitoring the spindle state in operation involves temperature and vibration.

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Calculation method of joint bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Because the spherical sliding contact area of the joint bearing is large and the inclination angle is large, and because most of the joint bearings adopt special machining methods, the rolling bearing is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface. Spherical bearings are usually used for low speed swing motion, that is, angular motion. Because the sliding surface is spherical, it can also perform oblique motion in a certain angle, that is, self alignment motion. You can still work normally. Calculation method: the spherical sliding bearing has two mating spheres. This connection is called coordination. The calculation method of the mechanical properties of spherical plain bearings plays an important role in the structural design and wear analysis of spherical sliding bearings. The calculation of the contact pressure on the surface is a very complicated problem. The existing Hertz model can not be used to calculate the contact pressure distribution of spherical coordinates, because it is limited to elastic half space body. At present, there is a unified spherical contact model, namely Fang mode.

Visits: 108 release date: 03 2020, 09
How to maintain Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Rod end joint bearing is a kind of joint bearing with rod ends or rod ends. It belongs to a class of joint bearings. The rod end bearing is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface, which can bear heavy loads. According to the different type and structure of rod end bearing, it can bear the combined load of radial load, axial load or radial and axial coexistence. Rod end joint bearings are generally used for low speed swinging motion, and can also be tilted in a certain angle. According to its different type and structure, it can bear the combined load of radial load, axial load or radial and axial coexistence. Rod end joint bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, construction machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorber, water conservancy machinery and other industries. To select a certain bearing type, the main factors to be considered must be load, bearing capacity and expected service life to determine the required bearing size. Select rod ends.

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How to maintain the Shanghai bearing giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Metal linear bearing is a linear motion system which is produced at low cost. It is used for infinite stroke and cylindrical shaft. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of linear bearings. Maintenance of metal linear bearings: lubrication and friction: injecting oil into the linear bearings. If grease is lubricated, remove the anticorrosive oil with kerosene or organic solvent, then add grease after drying. It is recommended to use lithium sticky grease labeled as N0.2. If oil is lubricated, it is not necessary to remove the anticorrosion oil. According to the temperature change, the lubricating oil with ISO viscosity class VG15-100 can be selected. The shaft lubrication can be supplied from the oil supply pipe or from the oil hole on the outer bearing seat. Because the sealing ring will scrape the lubricating oil, the oil lubrication is not suitable for the sealed bearing without holes. Maintenance of plastic linear bearings: because the sliding film inside the plastic linear bearing is made of self-lubricating plastic, there is no need for additional oil supply and maintenance during its use.

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Six steps of linear bearing installation

As we all know, linear bearings have many applications in machinery. Linear bearings can give maximum performance to all kinds of machines and achieve maximum economic benefits of automation and labor saving. The characteristics of linear bearings are lightweight, corrosion resistance, interchangeability and low cost. But many people do not know what preparations should be made before installing linear bearings. What should be paid attention to when installing and using them? The following bearing micro letter platform will share with you the six installation steps of linear bearings. 1, before installing linear bearings, remove the burrs, dirt and surface marks of the mechanical installation surfaces. Linear bearings are coated with antirust oil. Before installation, clean the datum surface with clean oil before installation. Usually the base level is rust free after removing rust oil. It is recommended to smear the spindle with low viscosity. 2, the linear bearing will be gently placed on the bed, and the side rail can be gently attached to the side mounting surface by means of lateral fixation screws or other fixed fixtures. ...

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What are the ways to maintain and store turntable bearings? Shanghai Ju Peng Bearing Co., Ltd.

Turntable bearing is a large bearing which can bear large loads such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment. It has many special functions, such as support, rotation, transmission and fixing. Therefore, when installing the turntable bearing, we must do a good job in checking the correlation, or when we need to pay attention to the installation. For this large bearing, we must do well in maintenance, storage and so on, so as to avoid the following damage to the turntable bearing, resulting in the failure to be used normally.