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 Precision angular contact ball bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Precision angular contact ball bearings

The ultra precision angular contact ball bearing covers a diameter of 6 - 360 mm. Due to the difference of application requirements, in many execution standards, the ultra precision angular contact ball bearing classification includes four ISO dimension series. Bearing design and modification provide a wide range of options to enable it to be integrated into almost every machine tool and other applications that require precision bearings.

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High precision angular contact ball bearing

This is the basic series of ISO precision angular contact ball bearings. Features: 1. the long life Zhou Chenggang (Z steel) is used as the standard material. 2., the sealing ring can be matched to increase the life of the grease to 1.5 times. 3. according to different types, prepare...

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Ultra high speed angular contact ball bearings

This is the essence of material technology, evaluation technology and analytical technology, and has developed a series of high-performance products supporting machine tools. In addition, the series of products with seals can improve the reliability of machine tools because of their high performance and long life.

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Ultra high speed angular contact ball bearings (Robust series SpinShot II)

In pursuit of fuel optimization, we achieve more quiet and achieve super high speed at the same time. Features: 1. oil and gas lubrication, at NT#40 level, to achieve 40000 turns per minute. 2. compared with the previous oil and gas lubrication, the noise reduction is about 3 ~...

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Ultra precision angular contact ball bearing

This is a series of products with high accuracy and super high speed, which correspond to the inner diameter of 25mm, and make the small spindle perform high performance. Features: 1. super high speed bearings specially designed for small spindles. 2. X of SHX material with excellent heat and wear resistance.

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High speed thrust angular contact ball bearing

The angular contact ball bearing used for thrust has achieved high speed and high rigidity. Features: 1. BTR contact angle 40 degree: high thrust rigidity and low fever. 2. BAR contact angle 30 degree: compared with BTR, more attention is paid to high speed.

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High rigidity thrust angle contact ball bearings (TAC-F Series)

The TAC-F series is a series of angular contact ball bearings with high rigidity for thrust bearing. Features: 1. contact angle 50 degree: more emphasis on rigidity relative to high speed. Suitable for strong cutting and high rigidity shaft area. 2. non separation, good operability.

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