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 Precision cylindrical roller bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Precision cylindrical roller bearings

The features of ultra precision cylindrical roller bearings are as follows: high speed operation, high radial load capability, high rigidity, low friction and low section height. Therefore, these bearings are especially suitable for bearing configuration which must bear heavy radial load and high speed, and also provide high rigidity spindle of machine tool. The speed performance of ultra precision single row cylindrical roller bearings is higher than that of double row bearings, while double row bearings are more suitable for heavier loads.

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Double row cylindrical roller bearings (high rigidity Series)

New material and new design can improve the performance of machine tools. Features: 1.. High speed and low fever. 2. the long life of grease lubrication is achieved. 3. high rigidity PPS resin cage can restrain deformation due to centrifugal force and achieve...

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Single row cylindrical roller bearings (Standard Series)

This is the basic series of precision single row cylindrical roller bearings based on ISO standard. Features: 1. the long life bearing steel (Z steel) is used as the standard material. 2. use high rigidity roller to guide copper alloy cage.

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Single row cylindrical roller bearings (Robust Series)

Adopting high heat resistant PEEK cage, the main body uses SHX material with good heat resistance and abrasion resistance, achieving a high speed of dmn220 million. Features: 1. the best design is adopted to achieve low fever. 2. the main body adopts SHX material.

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