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Rod end bearing

This page outlines the types of bearings available, their designs, models and characteristics. This page also refers to the detailed information section and product table of the relevant products. Rod end bearing bearings, probe end rod bearings, and maintenance free rod end bearing bearings are required.

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Radial spherical plain bearing

The radial spherical sliding bearing consists of an inner ring with a convex spherical outer diameter and an outer ring with a corresponding concave spherical inner diameter. This design is especially suitable for bearing configurations that need to meet the following requirements: it must be able to withstand misalignment between shaft and bearing housing.

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Angular contact spherical plain bearing

As the name implies, the sliding contact surface of angular contact spherical plain bearings is spherical and forms an angle with the bearing shaft. Therefore, this bearing is particularly suitable for carrying combined radial and axial loads. A single angular contact spherical plain bearing can only bear one.

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Rod end bearing

The rod end joint includes a hole head, and the holed head has an integral rod end, forming a rod end seat of the spherical sliding bearing. Usually, the rod end bearing is provided with left or right female thread (inner) or male thread (outside).

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