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roller bearing

Roller bearings have various sections to meet various working conditions and performance requirements. You can find the products you need in two ways: A- model or size, enter the relevant keywords in the model query, and then find the details; B- type is selected from the list of the product list below.

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Cylindrical roller bearings

Reduce resistance and reduce heat. Provide better performance and longer life, reduce maintenance and reduce downtime. These are the real criteria for testing bearings. We provide single row, double row and multi row cylindrical roller bearings, which can help extend the life of the equipment.

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cylindrical roller bearing
High loaded cylindrical roller bearings
Double row cylindrical roller bearings
Four row cylindrical roller bearings
Single row fully loaded cylindrical roller bearings
Double row fully loaded cylindrical roller bearings
Split cylindrical roller bearing

Needle bearing

Needle roller bearings are cylindrical roller bearings with a diameter smaller than the length. The improved roller / raceway shape prevents peak stress and extends the service life of bearings. We provide needle roller bearings with different designs, different series and various sizes to meet all kinds of requirements.

A kind of
Needle roller and cage assembly
Needle roller bearing for stamping outer ring
Roller bearing with machine cutting ring
Needle roller bearing
Combined needle roller bearings
Needle roller / angular contact ball bearings
Needle roller / thrust ball bearing
Roller / cylindrical roller thrust bearing
Universal joint bearing
Needle roller bearing parts

Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearings can respond to radial loads and thrust loads even in harsh environments. Tapered roller bearings are our flagship products, which are applicable to thousands of combinations and various configurations, and provide customized geometric structure, engineering surface or special...

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Single row tapered roller bearings
Matched tapered roller bearings
Double row tapered roller bearings
Four row tapered roller bearings

Spherical roller bearing

The spherical roller bearing has two symmetrical rollers, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two raceways, forming a certain angle with the vertical axis of the bearing. The center of the raceway of the outer ring is located on the bearing shaft.

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Spherical roller bearing

Cylindrical roller thrust bearing

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings can withstand heavier axial loads and impact loads. Such bearings must not withstand any radial load bearing with high stiffness and only a very small axial space.

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Cylindrical roller thrust bearing

Needle roller thrust bearing

The needle roller thrust bearing is equipped with a fixed cage, which can reliably fix and guide a large number of needle rollers. The needle roller thrust bearing provides very high stiffness in the minimal axial space. Rolling needle thrust is applied in the application of raceway on the surface of adjacent machine parts.

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Needle roller thrust bearing

Tapered roller thrust bearing

Tapered roller thrust bearings can withstand heavier axial loads and peak loads. The bearing has high stiffness and requires only a small axial space.

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Tapered roller thrust bearing

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Spherical roller thrust bearings have specially designed raceway and asymmetrical rollers. Bearing can bear axial load acting along one direction and radial load at the same time. The load is passed between the raceway through a roller with a certain angle to the bearing axis, and...

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Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings