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 Roller bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

Roller bearing

Roller bearings can operate on all types of tracks, and are used for cam driving and conveying systems. The surface shape of the outer ring is marked with convex spherical surface. In addition to single row cam roller bearings, roller bearings can also be equipped with cylindrical (straight) outer ring running surface. The roller bearings we supplied have been filled with grease and sealed. They can be installed at any time. They have many types and design forms, and can be used in various operating conditions and applications. Its types include: cam roller bearings (ball bearing yoke roller bearings), supporting roller bearings (ball bearing yoke roller bearings), cam driven bearings (ball bearing based screw roller bearings).

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Cylindrical roller bearing

Cylindrical roller bearings are based on needle rollers or cylindrical roller bearings. They have several designs and variants that can be used to meet different application requirements. At present, they are supplied: with or without holders, with or without rings, with or without inner ring, with or without.

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Cylindrical roller roller bearings without rings
Cylindrical roller bearing with ring and rim