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 Sliding bearing Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.

sliding bearing

Many applications require spherical bearings that are suitable for reciprocating swinging and can withstand misalignment. Rolling bearings can only partially meet these requirements, because they are usually designed for continuous rotation and can only withstand limited centering errors. Therefore, spherical sliding bearings, rod end bearings and shaft sleeves provide an economical solution to these challenges. Spherical sliding bearings, rod end bearings and shaft sleeves are of various designs and have different combinations of sliding contact surfaces. Each design and combination has unique properties, making it suitable for some specific applications.

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Rod end bearing

This page outlines the types of bearings available, their designs, models and characteristics. This page also refers to the detailed information section and product table of the relevant products. Rod end bearing bearings, explorer rod end bearing bearings, and maintenance free rod end joints.

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Radial spherical plain bearing
Angular contact spherical plain bearing
Rod end bearing