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Shanghai Ju Peng Bearing Co., Ltd.

Multi supplier of bearing industry

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 Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd.


Improve reliability, achieve profitability and optimize asset lifecycle

Every industry faces different challenges, but almost all industries need to extend the start-up time, reduce maintenance, improve safety and energy consumption, and reduce total cost of ownership. With its expertise in various industries and many years of experience in the field of equipment manufacturers and end users, it can not only provide products, but also provide comprehensive solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

Through cooperation with equipment manufacturers and industry end users, we have a unique understanding of equipment components and processes. Today, we use this knowledge to help each stage of your asset lifecycle. Lifecycle management is our effective way to provide optimal performance for device design and operation in the whole service cycle. The solution has been widely used in customers, and is certified to be effective. Now, the solution will also bring more reference value to the global customers.

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