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Shanghai Jupeng Bearing Co., Ltd

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 Shanghai Jupeng Bearing Co., Ltd

Special bearing for non magnetic condition

Special bearings for non-magnetic working conditions can be divided into "non-magnetic (relative permeability below 1.01) bearing" and "completely non-magnetic (relative permeability below 1.001) bearing". These two kinds of products have higher hardness and better corrosion resistance than the old non-magnetic stainless steel and beryllium copper alloy products

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ESA, non-corrosion resistant stainless steel bearing

The bearing with "super hardness" and "super hard" is a kind of super hard bearing. It is suitable for corrosive and non-magnetic working conditions in atmosphere and vacuum.

Completely non magnetic titanium alloy bearing

Titanium alloy bearing is a completely non-magnetic (relative permeability less than 1.001) bearing with special titanium alloy material for inner ring and outer ring and ceramic material for ball, which is suitable for non-magnetic working condition in atmosphere and vacuum.

All ceramic bearings (oxide ceramics)

It is suitable for both the inner and outer rings of the bearing.