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Screw bearing

Machine tools need lead screw drive to position a workpiece or machine part quickly, efficiently and accurately. In order to meet these requirements, both ends of the screw drive can be supported by SKF ultra precision thrust angular contact ball bearings. These bearings can provide high axial stiffness and axial bearing capacity, adapt to high speed and rapid acceleration, and provide very high operation accuracy. Thrust angular contact ball bearings for screw drive are well suited for screw drive applications, as well as for other applications where safe radial and axial support is required and the shaft requires extremely precise axial guidance.

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 Ball screw support bearing

Ball screw support bearing

In addition to the sealing ring series, it also includes the special bearing series with high rigidity and high function which enriches the product lineup.


1. High rigidity and long service life are realized with high function and special design.

2. The products with contact sealing ring with high reliability and super dust-proof design have also formed a series.

3. Improve the operability.