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Six steps of linear bearing installation 2020-03-09 13:56:28

As we all know, linear bearings have many applications in machinery. Linear bearings can give maximum performance to all kinds of machines and achieve maximum economic benefits of automation and labor saving. The characteristics of linear bearings are lightweight, corrosion resistance, interchangeability and low cost. But many people do not know what preparations should be made before installing linear bearings. What should be paid attention to when installing and using them? The following bearing micro letter platform will share with you the six installation steps of linear bearings. 1, before installing linear bearings, remove the burrs, dirt and surface marks of the mechanical installation surfaces. Linear bearings are coated with antirust oil. Before installation, clean the datum surface with clean oil before installation. Usually the base level is rust free after removing rust oil. It is recommended to smear the spindle with low viscosity.

2, the linear bearing will be gently placed on the bed, and the side rail can be gently attached to the side mounting surface by means of lateral fixation screws or other fixed fixtures. Before installation and use, make sure that the screw holes are identical. If the machining holes of the base do not match and the bolts are forced to be locked, the accuracy and quality of the combination will be greatly affected.

3, from the center to the two sides, the positioning screws of the linear bearing are tightened sequentially, so that the track and the vertical mounting surface can be adhered, and the central position will be tightened to the ends to obtain a more stable accuracy. When the vertical datum is slightly tightened, the locking force of the lateral reference plane is strengthened, so that the linear bearing can be effectively attached to the lateral datum.

4. Use torque wrench to lock the torque one by one in accordance with all kinds of materials, and slowly fix the positioning screws of the linear bearing slide. 5, install the auxiliary rail with the same installation method, and install the slide seat to the main rail and the auxiliary rail individually. Attention should be paid to the installation of a linear slide rail on the slide. Many attachments can not be installed due to the limited installation space. The attachment must be installed at this stage.

6. Gently install the mobile platform to the sliding bearing of the main bearing rail and the auxiliary rail of the linear bearing, then lock the lateral tightening screws on the mobile platform, and then install the positioning device to complete the operation.