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How to maintain the Shanghai bearing giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-03-09 13:59:01

Metal linear bearing is a linear motion system which is produced at low cost. It is used for infinite stroke and cylindrical shaft. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of linear bearings.

Maintenance of metal linear bearings: lubrication and friction: injecting oil is injected into linear bearings. If grease is lubricated, kerosene or organic solvent is used to remove the anti corrosion oil. After drying, grease is added. It is recommended to use lithium sticky grease labeled as N0.2. If oil is lubricated, it is not necessary to remove the anticorrosion oil. According to the temperature change, the lubricating oil with ISO viscosity class VG15-100 can be selected. The shaft lubrication can be supplied from the oil supply pipe or from the oil hole on the outer bearing seat. Because the sealing ring will scrape the lubricating oil, the oil lubrication is not suitable for the sealed bearing without holes.

Maintenance of plastic linear bearings: as the sliding film in plastic linear bearings is made of self-lubricating plastic, there is no need for additional oil supply and maintenance during its use. Moreover, because the straight line bearing has chip removal groove, even if the bearing or shaft is filled with dust, there is no need to maintain it. Dust will automatically be discharged from the chip scraper slot during movement, only when sliding film is used. The internal sliding film can be used directly after wear failure, and maintenance is very convenient.


(1) the linear motion bearing series may cause the entry of foreign matter after the decomposition of each part, or have adverse effects on the assembly accuracy of each part.

(2) the drop or percussion of liner bushing may cause damage. Please note. When the product is hit, the function may still be damaged even if the appearance is not damaged. Please pay attention to it.


(1) please carefully wipe the rust preventive oil and seal it into the lubricant before using it.

(2) avoid mixing different types of lubricants together.