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How to maintain Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-03-09 14:00:41

Rod end joint bearing is a kind of joint bearing with rod ends or rod ends. It belongs to a class of joint bearings. The rod end bearing is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface, which can bear heavy loads. According to the different type and structure of rod end bearing, it can bear the combined load of radial load, axial load or radial and axial coexistence. Rod end joint bearings are generally used for low speed swinging motion, and can also be tilted in a certain angle. According to its different type and structure, it can bear the combined load of radial load, axial load or radial and axial coexistence. Rod end joint bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, construction machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorber, water conservancy machinery and other industries. To select a certain bearing type, the main factors to be considered must be load, bearing capacity and expected service life to determine the required bearing size. The same is true when selecting rod end bearing.

Cylindrical end type joint bearing with cylindrical welding (cylindrical type) (type code: SK);

Rod end joint bearing with flat bottom seat (Fang Xing) (type code: SF);

Articulated rod end bearing (type code: SLR). There are several regular maintenance for rod end bearing maintenance.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the main engine, according to the host's request and bearing design theory and application experience, set up a maintenance cycle, regular maintenance.

Fault repair: stop and check and repair when the bearing breaks down.

Early warning maintenance: the advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology is applied to stop the real-time monitoring of the bearing's application state. During the running of bearings, there must be such phenomena as sound, temperature and vibration. As a result, when the bearing in operation is stopped and maintained, the abnormal changes of bearings can be found through listening, touching and observing, and using bearing fault diagnostic instruments. According to the changing state, whether the rod end bearing can be in normal working condition can be judged.