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Check the malfunction of IKO linear bearing without removing Shanghai giant bearing. 2020-04-06 18:18:14

What happens if the IKO linear bearing is malfunctioning during its operation?
Disassembly checking is certainly a good way, but this method is time-consuming. Below, the editor gives you a small way to identify or predict whether the IKO bearing is in operation without having to disassemble it.  
1. Voice recognition and bar speakers by special people or listeners.
Recognition through voice requires a wealth of experience.
It is necessary to undergo comprehensive training before identifying IKO bearing and non bearing sound.
For this reason, full-time personnel should do this work.
The sound of a linear bearing can be clearly heard by installing a hearing device or a sound stick on the shell.
2. Status identification of IKO bearing lubricant
First, lubricants are sampled and analyzed to determine whether contamination level is mixed with foreign matter or metal powder.
This method is especially effective for bearings or large bearings that can not be approached.  
3. The working temperature of IKO bearing is identified.
This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to applications with little change in working conditions.
For this reason, continuous temperature recording is necessary.
When a fault occurs, the temperature will not only rise but also change irregularly.