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What are the uses of linear bearings? How to install linear bearings? Shanghai Ju Peng Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-06 18:20:27

Linear bearings are characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance, good interchangeability and low cost. They are widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, which can bring maximum performance into full play and achieve maximum economic benefits of manual labor and automation.
What is the purpose of linear bearings?
How about the specification and installation of linear bearings?
Let's understand together.
Use of linear bearings
Linear bearings are more and more widely used in electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instruments, robotics, tool machinery, CNC machine tools, automobile and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment. R or in the special machinery industry.
Specifications for linear bearings
The specifications of linear bearings include LM and LME, LIN-11 and LIN-12 and KH. Among them, the LM series is used in Asia and Southeast Asia, the metric diameter is the standard, and the outer diameter tolerance of the straight axis used is usually H7.
The LME series is mainly used in Europe, America, Germany, Italy and other regions. It is standard in inches and has metric size. The outer diameter tolerance of the straight shaft used is usually G6.
LIN-11 stands for European standard linear plastic bearings. When installed, it has a clamping spring limit. The LIN-12 series is a narrow type design, directly installing its outer diameter and mounting hole, mainly to save installation space.  
Linear bearing installation
1. Before installing linear bearings, the burrs, dirt and surface scratches on the mechanical installation surfaces must first be removed.
Linear bearings are coated with antirust oil. Before installation, clean the datum surface with clean oil first and then install it. Usually, after removing rust oil, the base level is easy to rust. It is recommended to use a low viscosity spindle for lubricants.  
2. Lightly lay the linear bearing on the base and use the side fixing screws or other fixed clamps to make the line rail match lightly with the side mounting surface.
Before installation and use, make sure that the screw holes match and assume that the machining holes of the base do not match and force the bolts to be locked, which will greatly affect the accuracy and quality of the combination.  
3. Tighten the locating screws of the linear bearings from the center to the sides, so that the track is suitable for the vertical installation of the surface. A more stable accuracy can be obtained by starting from the center and pressing both ends.
After tightening the vertical datum slightly, the locking force of the side datum surface will be enhanced, so that the linear bearing can reliably match the side datum.
4. Use torque wrench to tighten the torque of the linear bearing slideway according to various materials and tighten the torque one by one.  
5. Install the auxiliary guide rail with the same installation method and install the slide seat on the main guide rail and the auxiliary guide rail respectively.
Please note that after installing the slide rail with a linear slide rail, due to limited installation space, many subsequent attachments can not be installed, and all necessary accessories must be installed at this stage. 6. Gently place the mobile platform on the slide rail of the linear bearing main guide rail and the auxiliary guide rail, then lock the lateral tightening screw on the mobile platform, which can be completed after installation and positioning.