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Analysis of common faults of printing machine bearings Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-06 18:22:36

The modern multicolor offset printing machine has an intermediate roll digital printer. The intermediate roll is the communication bridge of ink and wash road. In addition to achieving fast water and ink balance, it also removes floating ink on the water roll.
During the printing machine operation, the plate shaped water roller is directly in contact with the fish.
Inevitably, there will be some floating ink CTP sticking from its surface. These floating ink may deposit on the surface of the water roller, thus affecting the hydrophilicity of the water roller, or may return to the sink with the fountain solution, thus affecting each color group.
Using this intermediate roll, the floating ink on the printing roll can be transferred to the adjacent printing ink roller in time, so it is integrated.
This effect is very small, printing products can also effectively improve production efficiency. Imported bearings of pre press equipment often fail during high speed operation.   
1. No need to make a fuss, but this is the key to making the right fault judgement and handling in time. Bearing temperature is too high. When the mechanism is running, a certain temperature is allowed in the bearing installation position.
It is necessary to turn off the printer immediately, so as to avoid the loss of equipment. The reason for rolling bearing noise is more complicated. 1 the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing are worn on the surface. Because of this wear, the bearing and shell will be damaged.
The matching relationship between the bearing and the shaft causes the shaft to deviate from the correct position and produces abnormal noise when the shaft is running at high speed.  
2. When the bearing is fatigued, the metal on the surface will fall off.
It will also increase the radial clearance of bearings, produce abnormal noise, bearing lubrication is insufficient, dry friction bearings rupture and so on will produce abnormal noise, and pack the tobacco after bearing wear.
The bearing cage is loose and damaged.
There will be abnormal sounds.
The analysis of the damaged bearing and the analysis of the cause of the bearing failure and damage can help us improve the work, prolong the service life of the bearing and reduce the failure rate of the printing equipment. The metal on the raceway surface spalling from the rolling element of the bearing, and the raceway of the inner ring and outer ring will be periodically affected. The effect of pulsating load is to obtain and produce periodically varying contact stresses.
The quality of the lubricating oil is not up to the requirements or deteriorated, and the bearing components are too tight.  
3. Uneven pits appear on contact surfaces of plastic raceways and rollers.
It shows that the plastic deformation of the bearing is due to the local stress of the bearing exceeds the yield limit of the material under the larger static load or impact load.
This usually occurs on low speed rotary bearings.
4. The crack in the bearing race of the bearing race can be caused by the tightness of the bearing.
The outer bearing or inner ring of the bearing is loose, the bearing container is deformed, and the surface treatment of the bearing is not good.  
5. The reason for the failure of the bearing cage is insufficient lubrication.
Rolling element damage, seat skew and so on.  
6. The possible reason for the adhesion of the cage metal on the rolling body is that the rolling body is stuck on the cage or insufficient lubrication.  
7. Serious wear on raceway raceway may be caused by foreign body falling into the seat, insufficient lubricant or improper lubricant grade. Why should we pay attention to imported bearing lubrication packaging containers in daily use?
Many people do not pay attention to the lubrication of imported bearings. They think that the effect of lubrication on bearing is very small, but they will form suitable oil film on the rolling contact surface of bearing, extend the fatigue life of bearing, and cause fever due to packaging and decoration.
4 lubrication can play a role of rust prevention and dustproof for bearings, so it is necessary to understand correctly the importance of lubrication to bearings.
Extend the service life of bearings and reduce the failure rate of printing equipment.
Or rivet obviously loosened.
Thermal discoloration is evident in carton carton bearings.