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The selection of unidirectional bearings and the selection of load for coordination Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-06 18:24:50

A heavier load will use a larger quantity, and the amount between the ring and the axle or the bearing seat depends on the size of the load.
Lighter load and less win will also increase the wear of unidirectional bearings and adhere to the cleanliness of unidirectional bearings and their surroundings.
Even the invisible dust of the smile enters the unidirectional bearing.
Vibration and noise.  
Do not allow strong punching. Please use the equipment carefully.
It is not allowed to directly strike the unidirectional bearing with hammers, nor to transfer pressure through rolling elements.  
Use special tools as far as possible, and use appropriate and accurate installation tools.
Try to avoid using cloth and staple fibers.
When unidirectional bearings are directly handled by hand, the corrosion of unidirectional bearings should be prevented.
Wash your hands thoroughly, then apply high quality mineral oil before operation, especially in rainy season and summer season. Pay special attention to rust prevention.
The outer ring and seat hole can only be achieved by controlling the tolerance of the journal and the tolerance of the seat hole.
The inner ring and shaft of the unidirectional bearing are provided with a base hole system. The inner diameter and outer diameter of the rolling unidirectional bearing are the inner rings and shafts of the unidirectional bearings manufactured according to the standard tolerances.
The machine spindle system is used to match the outer ring of the unidirectional bearing and the seat hole.  
It is necessary to know the actual load condition of the unidirectional bearing and properly select the bearing.
Working temperature and other requirements are actually very difficult. Therefore, in most cases, the size of the load is chosen according to the purpose of grinding.