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Main factors affecting bearing life: Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-13 08:07:29

Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment.
Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its motion, and ensure its rotation accuracy.
With the increase of bearing demand, premature damage and short service life of bearings are puzzling every mechanical enthusiast.
Under certain load, the number of revolutions or hours experienced by bearings before pitting is called bearing life.
The initial fatigue damage should occur for any bearing ring or rolling element in this bearing.
However, in our daily practical use, we can clearly observe that the actual appearance of bearings with the same appearance under the same working conditions is very different.
What causes it?
The editor summarizes the following points:
1. Incorrect installation accounts for about 16.
1. In the process of installation, it is too hard to hit the bearing with a hammer, which is the most harmful to the bearing; it is also the main reason for the deformation.  
2. Installing deviation or not installing bearing will cause the bearing clearance to be too small.
The inner ring and outer ring are not in the same rotating center, leading to eccentricity.  
Recommendation: after installation, please select suitable or professional bearing installation tools and use special instruments for testing.   
2. Pollution accounts for about 14.
Pollution may also cause premature damage to bearings. Pollution refers to sand, metal chips and so on into the bearings. The main reasons include: premature opening of bearing packaging, causing pollution; uncleanly working environment during installation, pollution of work environment, contamination of working medium and so on.  
Suggestion: it is best not to disassemble the bearings before use; during installation, keep the installation environment clean, clean the bearings to be used, and strengthen the bearing seal device.  
3. Poor lubrication accounts for about 50.
According to investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main reasons for premature bearing damage.
It includes improper filling of lubricants or lubricants, lubricants or lubricants not filled in place, improper selection of lubricants or lubricants.
Suggestion: choose the right lubricant or lubricant, and use the right lubrication filling method.  
Four, fatigue accounts for about 34.
Fatigue damage is a common way of bearing damage. The common causes of fatigue damage may be: long term overload of bearings, failure to repair in time, improper maintenance, aging of equipment, etc.