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Reasons for failure of cylindrical roller bearings and treatment methods: Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-13 08:09:52

According to the forming mechanism of grinding metamorphic layer on FAG bearing working face, the main factors affecting grinding metamorphic layer are grinding heat and grinding force.
Let's analyze the reasons for the failure of cylindrical roller bearings.
Reasons for failure of cylindrical roller bearings:
The main purpose of pretightening: the main purpose and representative example of preload can provide some examples to prove and understand:
1, while correctly determining the position of the shaft in the radial and axial directions, it also restraining the shaft's beating.
2 increase the stiffness of FAG bearings.
The bearing and differential of the machine tool spindle are used for the differential pinion bearings of the cycle.  
3 prevent axial vibration and abnormal sound caused by resonance.
Bearings for small motors.  
For cylindrical roller bearings bearing combined loads, the friction resistance increases, the fever increases, the lubrication and cooling conditions become worse, and the force on the cage increases as the number of rolling bearing components increases. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the bearing speed according to the size of the FAG bearing type and load angle, and multiply the limit speed of the bearing if the cylindrical roller shaft is selected. If the limit speed can not meet the application requirements, some improvement techniques can be used to make progress so as to achieve more satisfactory requirements.
For example, increase tolerance difference of bearings; increase license appropriately; use special materials and improve the structure of bucket rack; change lubrication methods, such as oil, gas, oil mist and jet lubrication; improve cooling conditions.  
In the process of using FAG bearings, it is easy to get temperature rise.
When the temperature of cylindrical roller bearings rises, first determine whether the operation is wrong. If it does increase, it should be processed according to the following steps
How to deal with the malfunction of cylindrical roller bearings:
1 check cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system normal.
If the water pressure is low, it may be a blockage of the filter. If it can not be processed in time, it can be stopped. Confirm that it can be used again after it can work.  
2 check the hydraulic pressure of the governor. If the oil pressure is low, the cooling water hydraulic valve may be closed.  
3 check whether there is abnormal sound in the FAG bearing and check whether the cylindrical roller bearing is abnormal.  
4 take the oil sample to see if the oil color has been changed and test it to see if it is deteriorating.
If the deterioration has been confirmed, the new motor oil should be stopped and replaced.  
5 check whether the oil level of the oil standard is normal. If abnormal, check whether the oil drain valve of the fuel tank is tight.
If sealed, oil should be added. If sealant is oily, it should be closed for processing.