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Repair case of bearing position wear of filter drum Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-20 17:20:14

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The cartridge is made of food grade stainless steel, including the hollow shaft of the main shaft, which is also made of stainless steel.
However, there are some defects in the design of drum filter main shaft. For nearly 2 tons of equipment, the thickness of the spindle wall is only 10mm, and the spindle is easily deformed during operation, so three filters.
The degree of wear on the crankshaft is different, and the bearings are often replaced. Basically, they are maintained every 2 to 3 months.
Because of the particularity of the equipment, it is impossible to solve the traditional process. First, the wear of the bearing position is very large, the depth is 2mm, and it can not be sprayed or brushed.
Besides, the wall thickness of the shaft is relatively thin. The traditional repair welding will cause serious deformation of the shaft.
Soray carbon nanocomposites are completely independent of the axial structure and wear size. As long as the parts of the rolling bearing are installed, the online maintenance can be realized, and the concentricity and surface finish of the maintenance can be ensured.
As the seals on the front axle wear, a large quantity of water enters the bearings, the bearings are seriously corroded and the lubrication fails.
During the maintenance process, Soray Industries not only maintained the bearing position for the enterprise, but also repaired the seals, thus solving the fundamental problem of bearing damage.
Bearing cause analysis of filter drum wear
1 design defect: the spindle is hollow shaft, and the wall thickness is 10mm. During operation, the spindle is deformed, so the gap between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft surface is easy to generate.
2 bearing maintenance problem: after dismantling bearings, it is found that there is a serious lack of grease, indicating that the grease is not filled in time in the routine maintenance process.
3 sealing problem: the sealing components on the shaft wear, causing a lot of water to enter the bearings.
Wear steps for repairing filter drum bearings
1 machining mold according to the structure of shaft.
2 axis surface treatment to remove oxide layer and make surface rough and clean.
3 mix carbon nano polymer acid SD7104 and apply it proportionally to the surface of the shaft.
4 install tools and heat them to solidify materials.
5 after curing, remove the tools to remove excess materials.
6 finally, the bearing is installed in place, and the whole maintenance work is completed.
Soray carbon nanomaterials and picture of repairable bearing wear drums
Equipment parameters: bearing diameter 220mm, hollow shaft, wall thickness 10mm, material 304 stainless steel, wear depth 2mm, wear width 105mm, speed 15R / min.