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Schaeffler introduced the new YRTCX-life turntable bearings and launched three FAG bearing product series Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-29 18:23:50

In direct drive turntable and rotating shaft products, torque motor, turntable bearing and angle measuring system constitute a complex system, which affects and interacts with heat flow, cogging effect, speed and acceleration, stiffness, friction torque and positioning accuracy.

In many applications, especially in the turntable operation of milling machines, the goal of users is to pursue high speed, but they do not want to sacrifice rigidity for this purpose.
If all three components come from the same supplier and match each other perfectly in the same modular system, it will bring many benefits to customers. To respond to this demand, he has introduced three series of torque motor products, which has a wide range of applications.
In addition, Schaeffler integrated 3 FAG bearing product lines and angle measurement system in the bearing for customers to choose.
In view of this demand, the new plastic cage, the stronger bearing sleeve and the new rolling element can be used to optimize the YRT turntable bearings, which is widely recognized in the market.
Compared with the original YRT series, the optimized YRTCX life bearing can increase the speed and the tilting rigidity by 80 and 20 respectively, so that the machine tool can achieve higher cutting performance and higher accuracy.  
The angle measuring system YRTCMA is also integrated in the new YRTCX-life turntable bearing.
High precision inner ring shoulder is equipped with scale to ensure accurate operation.
When the turntable is tilted, it can also ensure the highest measurement accuracy.
Schaeffler also designed the measuring head without any adjustment to the installation of the measuring system.
Besides, the measuring system is integrated in the turntable bearing, so there is no need for expensive grounding connection. The YRTCMA X-life axial radial cylindrical roller bearing is equipped with an integrated absolute measurement system.
YRTCMA bearings meet all the common absolute measurement protocol requirements in terms of functional safety, such as EnDat2.2, DRIVECLiQ, Fanuc serial port and SSi1VSS, so they can be integrated into the standard control system of the machine.
The bearing of the turntable is measured by absolute value, and the zero position can be found without performing reference operation, and the collision of the equipment is prevented to the greatest extent. To pursue the highest accuracy within the scope of feasibility.
In the process of machine tools, the requirement of high accuracy and low noise is promoting the development of torque motors, to minimize the source of failures and reduce power losses, so that machine manufacturers can invest in lower cost to compensate for potential fault sources.
Control system deviation caused.
Schaeffler developed SRV and HSRV motors to solve this problem, such as reducing the deviation caused by cogging and torque retention during gear grinding, and even reducing it to near zero.
The two products adopt dual rotor structure, which can counteract the opposite radial electromagnetic interference force, so the tilt of the rotating shaft can be controlled in the micron range from the very beginning.
Because there is almost no interference force, the requirement of the motor for bearing preloading is relatively low, which further improves the machining quality.
At the same time, the bearing will also produce less friction heat during operation, thereby reducing the fluctuation of bearing preload and bearing stiffness.
Turning and milling high torque, high speed
Turn milling compound
The main characteristics of machining are accurate contour and high running speed in turning mode.
From the point of view of torque motor developers, due to the high current AC frequency of high pole motors, 800 rpm is technically challenging for a turntable with a diameter of more than 500 mm.
With the hot start of the motor, all of these have adverse effects on the whole drive equipment, including the change of bearing preload and stiffness.
Aiming at this application, he developed RKI series motors and put them on the market.
In view of the above situation, the development work is mainly focused on expanding the torque motor's low speed operation range without reducing torque.
To achieve this goal, the RKI motor is equipped with ring gear windings and laminated rotor to reduce eddy current losses.  
Establish cooperative development relationship with machine tool manufacturers
At present, with the continuous development of high-power and high-precision machine tools, more and more customers are using motors and bearings as functional units.
To respond to the changing needs of the market, he can discuss with his customers in-depth technical details, such as heat flow simulation, bearing load variation and acceleration capabilities, and develop various types of motor products to meet their specific requirements, and even technically.
Continuous breakthroughs and innovative development with customers.