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NSK and Bridgestone successfully developed the third generation wireless charging hub motor Shanghai giant Bearing Co., Ltd. 2020-04-29 18:26:11

Japan Seiko Co., Tokyo: the legal representative: executive director and chief executive officer Uchiyama Junko (hereinafter referred to as NSK), and the research team led by Fujimoto Hiroshi, associate professor of new graduate school of University of Tokyo, creates Science in the field, hereinafter referred to as Dong
The group, Bridgestone, hereinafter referred to as Bridgestone, ROHM, hereinafter referred to as ROHM, Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Toyo electric manufacturing research group, hereinafter referred to as the research group, jointly developed a direct
The third generation of the third generation wireless charging hub motor running on the road (hereinafter referred to as IWM) has successfully carried out the actual vehicle test \ \ \ n.
Development background
Reducing carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions and achieving a low carbon society is the goal of all countries in the world, and measures to reduce vehicle emissions are becoming increasingly urgent. Against this background, carmakers all over the world are making efforts to promote the development and popularization of automotive electrification.
Among them, electric vehicles without engines are considered effective solutions because they do not emit carbon dioxide during driving.  
However, due to the inconvenience of charging and charging, the energy consumption of a large number of batteries will be generated. Electric vehicles will hinder the further promotion of electric vehicles, and it is necessary to develop efficient driving technology for vehicles with a small amount of energy consumption.
The vehicle charging function used to transmit the power to the EV has attracted much attention. And in order to achieve this function, it has been widely studied worldwide.  
In the past, NSK and Dongda group and other companies jointly developed. In 2017, the second generation of IWM wheel motor with wireless charging function was released. The motor can supply power directly to the hub motor during the driving process * 1.
In addition, NSK has also participated in and planned Japan's research project, the science and Technology Association of the East team, and JST's future social creation project. The project is hereinafter referred to as the project, and joint research with relevant institutions. * 2
This time, the third generation wireless charging IWM developed by the research group has been greatly improved.
Developing product functions
1. Multifunctional tire
The IWM unit developed by the research team used motors and inverters as driving devices, and integrated the wireless charging circuit in the driving process into the IWM unit of the rim space, integrating many functions into one.
The performance of the driving motor has also been greatly improved. The second generation of light vehicles issued in 2017 was 12kW per wheel, and the third generation car class 25kW was released this time.  
NSK makes full use of.
2. He has accumulated knowledge for the development of wheel motor, and is responsible for designing and producing the mechanical structure of the unit. Releasing the fetters of charging
The second generation wireless power transmission capacity is about 10kW for a single wheel, and the third generation wireless power released this time has increased to 20kW.
Just in traffic.
The wireless charging system with this function is installed in the front area of the signal lamp, so the electric vehicle users can solve the charging problem and feel free to travel.
If we can use this system to realize smart city, the convenience of electric vehicles will be greatly improved.  
At present, NSK is studying the following ways to install and analyze the driving power infrastructure and simulate the driving data on public roads.
Looking forward to the future
For this project, NSK will continue to carry out the third generation wireless technology experiment and evaluate the power transmission system that can be driven at the same time, and actively promote the concept and development of the next generation of products.
In order to achieve the practical application of wireless charging IWM proposed in this project, NSK is not only limited to the existing participants of the group, but will also introduce knowledge of other organizations and companies in other fields, and strive to enter the verification stage in 2025.
NSK will continue to work hard to achieve sustainable development and promote a new future of automobile development through the joint study of the project.